Splitting Pickguard For Easy Mods 1

After playing with the wiring of my strat, as i was winding up and tuning my strings for the umpteenth time, I was thinking it would be cool to cut the pickguard in two. Be able to leave the pups’ half on the guitar and play with the wiring by unscrewing the other half. Kinda like on a tele, i guess. You could test new wiring without even putting the bottom half back on if you’re careful

I picked up some of these connectors they are quite easy to wire, I hacked those mounting plates off the sides. Nice and small.

Then, while doing that, I thought, well, if i had a d-sub extension cord, I could just cut it in half like this with one end male, one end female. Get out the dremmel and try to cut off all the extra stuff on the ends. I dunno, might work.

Something to think about, if anyone is going to try to do this and have it be really good looking, you’ll need 2 pgs for every module. Because, youre going to have a kerf cut out of the pg and you’ll need another bottom, cut at least a kerf width taller, to make it match up exactly. It looks ok with the saw kerf cut out of it though. I had Josh’s dad saw it with a pretty thin bandsaw blade.

The + and – of all three pups, plus the ground (trem/body/etc) and hot to jack are on the connector. There was one spot left over, I stuck a grey wire on it just on the weird chance that i need it someday.

Here is how Wolf did it