Cover Your Tracks

Cover Your Tracks is a rotating Tribute ensemble made up of 20+ local musicians who dedicate themselves to Tributing a different band each show. They use a “revolving door” approach….meaning each musician plays on a few songs and then rotates in or out with the other musicians so that the set is constantly evolving and changing as the show goes on. It’s a unique and fun approach to the usual Tribute band.

So far the band has created “Love Buzz: Nirvana Tribute” and “Wish: A Tribute to The Cure.”  and  “A Tribute to Led Zeppelin”.

The band consists of musicians from many local Bellingham bands including: Galapagos, Voyager, My Dad Bruce, The Trees: A Rush Tribute, Acorn Project, Bull Charley, 3 On The Tree, Walking Stick for the Giant, Mr. Feelgood & The Firm Believers, Boss Rhino, Idiot Pilot, Scott Greene Band, The Shadytones, Luke Warm & The Moderates, The Nowhere Garden and many more.